To book an accommodation in one of the hotels with special rates for the Conference, please click on the link below and choose, first the date that you want to stay in Sao Paulo and then, you can choose a Hotel from the list provided. If you have any queries regarding the hotel booking system, please contact:

Furthermore, the Organizing Committee was able to secure a discount in hotel fees for IWGTS in the Hotel Address Faria Lima (513 Amauri street, Itaim Bibi,, which will  be served with free transportation to the event. This hotel is not in the site of our workshop. We have 19, very nice,  twin bedrooms available, which can receive 38 of you.  Furthermore, there are 10 additional double bedrooms for couples. If you are interested in this offer, please contact the hotel directly and make your reservation at:  +55 11 3165-4111 or, informing that you want to make your reservation in a LUXURY TWIN ROOM or LUXURY DOUBLE ROOM (for couples).  If you are single, you will share the room with someone else. The price is R$336,00 plus taxes, per night, for the room, which will be split between the two roommates. Note that the rooms are available at a first-come-first-serve basis and the referred price is guaranteed only if you make your reservation before the 4th of July.