School of Economics, Administration and Accounting – FEA USP

The INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON GAME THEORY AND ECONOMIC APPLICATIONS OF THE GAME THEORY SOCIETY will be hosted by the Department of Economics of the University of São Paulo.


With almost 5,000 faculty and 70,000 students, the University of São Paulo has been ranked the top university in Latin America according to the QS Latin American University Rankings 2013. USP is a research university, offering 237 Ph.D. Programs in various disciplines. One third of its students are enrolled in graduate programs.

The Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting, with over 180 faculty numbers, offers Ph. D. Programs in Economics, Administration and Accounting. Total enrollment at FEA exceeds 3,500 students with over 600 in graduate programs.


São Paulo City

São Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world, with over 18 million people in its metropolitan area. It hosts around 15% of Brazilian GDP and is the heart of the Brazilian economy.

It is metropolitan in nature, with a diversified population, composed of Italians, Germans, Japanese (the largest community outside Japan), Lebanese, Chinese, Koreans, Spaniards and, of course, Portuguese.

It is located 70 km from the coast, and nice beaches are within 90 minute travel time.

 Avenue Prof. Luciano Gualberto, 908 Butantã – São Paulo – Brazil

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