Financial Support


FAPESP, The State of São Paulo Research Foundation, has selected our event to host the Second São Paulo School of Advanced Sciences in Game Theory. Thanks to FAPESP’s support, we will receive extra funds to cover the travel expenses and partial hotel expenses of selected graduate students and junior PhDs (who finished their PhD within the past three years) who commit to attend the mini-courses and to participate in the entire workshop and whose research proposal have been successfully selected by the selection committee. The funds will benefit up to 50 Brazilian citizens as well as up to 50 foreign participants.

Furthermore, we will also be able to partially support a number of participants who have a paper or research project selected for presentation at the workshop, on a need base, among those presenting their papers or research projects and willing to participate in the whole event. If you are a regular paper or research project presenter, are willing to participate in the entire event and need financial support, please attach to your paper submission a letter explaining the reason why you need financial support. Please remember you have to submit your paper/research project by March 15, 2014 (new extended submission deadline).

FAPESP financial support consists of:

Air fare ticket: It will be offered an amount of money, stipulated according to the student’s region of affiliation*:

Asia and Oceania: up to US$ 2,187.00

Africa: up to US$ 1,260.00

Brazil: up to US$ 379.00

Europe: up to US$ 1,634.00

North America (Canada, Mexico and United States): up to US$ 1,288.00

South America (excluding Brazil): up to US$ 662.50

Prices collected in November of 2013 in These prices might be updated. Check the changes in our homepage.

Hotel: It will also be offered a fixed amount of R$ 207.00, per day, as specified by FAPESP’s rules. Find the list of official hotels for the event in our homepage.

Reimbursement: The students/junior researchers will be reimbursed at the secretariat of the event, in Brazilian reais, according to the exchange rate of July 15th, 2014.

Ground transportation: The IWGTS will provide transportation Hotel / Campus of USP / Hotel for those staying at the hotels of the event. This service will be available to all participants of the event.

In order to apply for the FAPESP financial aid the candidate must be a graduate student or a junior researcher (got a PhD within the past three years), must submit a research project by March 15, 2014 (new extended deadline) through the workshop’s Papers/Paper Submission page and must upload the following documents.

a) Motivation letter, a personal statement specifying the mini-courses the candidate wants to attend, explaining the importance of these courses for the research project and stating the candidate’s affiliation (the candidate’s institution).

A successful candidate must participate in the whole event and must attend 4 mini-courses among the seven ones, organized in the following 4 groups: 1-Market Design; 2- Cooperative Games or Stochastic Games; 3-Information Theory or Clubs, Coalitions and Networks; 4 – Social Choice or Introduction to Auction Theory.

b) Recommendation letter by the candidate’s academic advisor, stating the expected graduation date, if the candidate is a graduate student. Otherwise, if the candidate is a junior researcher, the recommendation letter should be written by a former professor and should indicate the conclusion date of the candidate’s graduate course.

c) A brief one-page-long description of the research project specifying in which topic(s) of game theory the project fits. This document must be signed by the candidate and by the recommendation letter’s author.

d) Curriculum vitae emphasizing the candidate’s scientific production, if any.

e) Updated transcript of the candidate’s graduate courses.

All documents should be attached to your research project submission in pdf format. However, if your advisor prefers to send the recommendation letter directly, please ask him to send it to the e-mail address:, writing clearly “Recommendation letter for (your name) in the e-mail’s “subject” area.

The result of the research projects’ selection will be made public by April 15, 2014. The selected research projects’ participants are expected to present and discuss their projects in the poster session.

By the end of the workshop every participant will be asked to fill the event’ evaluation form.